Women's Conference Donations

Every year we receive many scholarship requests for women who wish to attend conference, but are unable to afford it. Living Water is a church that loves God and loves people. Our heart is that every woman who wishes to attend conference can and we would love your help. By donating, you are investing in the lives of women in our community and becoming part of their testimony.

To donate, please click "register now". There will be a box for "optional add ons" at the bottom of the page with a drop down of $20, $50, or $100 increments to create whatever amount you would like. Any questions please contact kristen@livingwater.com

Optional Add-Ons

  • I would like to donate funds to help a woman attend conference: $20 - $100
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Event Details

  • Apr 20
    5:00 pm
    Apr 22
    12:00 pm